Invest serenely
and profitably in cryptocurrencies.

Take advantage of the explosive potential of cryptocurrencies and generate regular income.

from €2,000
Summit Gravity finally brings a new and powerful approach to investment services.

*The guarantee covers the following cases: hacks, protocol governance, decorrelation of the stablecoin price.
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Performance and stability

Invest cash with peace of mind in a stable and secure fund.

6% to 8% per year (according your VIP level).
Fixed return.
99% capital guarantee*.
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Efficiency and explosivity

Invest in the best crypto projects and enjoy high returns.

20% to 80% per year (estimated).
Non-guaranteed return.
Capital not guaranteed but controlled.
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Difficult, dangerous and time consuming?
You thought investing in cryptos alone was complicated? You were right.
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Mistakes in crypto are unforgiving.

If various applications today allow everyone to invest in cryptos, it remains difficult to avoid mistakes and not fall into a trap. And there, nobody will help you. This is the price of decentralization...

It is often the same people who win.

In the medium to long term, only investment professionals, rightly called "smart money" win.Today, it is complicated (not to say just impossible) to delegate the management of its crypto funds to professionals.

Hacks, losses and risks of failure.

Cryptocurrencies, with their sometimes incredible returns, are risky investments that require continuous market monitoring.

The time commitment is very high.

If you have survived this long, accessing and following up on the best projects requires time-consuming expertise, but unfortunately no guarantee of results.

Summit Gravity changes the game

and invents a new investment service in cryptocurrencies.

Why invest with Summit Gravity?

Access to crypto investments.

From large capitalizations to unknown nuggets, through decentralized finance protocols (Yield Farming) and unlisted projects (ICO), Summit Gravity opens the doors to an entire ecosystem.

A service adapted to each risk profile.

Each of us invests differently depending on his or her risk appetite, level of knowledge, and share of the assets involved. We understand this and that is why we offer several formulas, so that everyone can find the service that suits him.

A win-win relationship

Unlike all traditional investment funds, we only make money when YOU make money. Our compensation is indexed to the performance we deliver. No hidden fees. No profit if you don't make any.

Specific expertise in blockchain.

The team consists of specialized analysts by field, who screen all assets and projects with a proven method to minimize risk and be invested in the best assets to maximize your profits.

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12 489,00 €
Current value
10 000,00 €
Start-up capital

A solid service.

Summit Gravity is an investment service built on solid fundamentals.

Cost-effectiveness, transparency and fairness

These are the values and fundamentals that make the Summit Group successful and differentiate us from other services.

Our community as a driver of innovation

We capitalize on the good ideas of our community to build an ideal service. A better service. Just like you.

An interactive user experience.

A team of experts available
to help you.
You will have the privilege to join a private discussion group, reserved only for customers. You will be able to ask all the questions you want to evolve at your own pace in the world of cryptocurrencies.
A video appointment to follow the evolution of the project.
Ask all your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our CEO answers them live every week, on Wednesday evening! He also keeps you directly informed about the evolution of the service.
A dynamic community.

A place to ask all your questions every week. We answer them live every Wednesday.

*The following questions are from Summit Gravity's private Discord group.

A team determined to revolutionize the investment world.

A specific expertise
Summit Gravity has created its own analysis method and has a team of crypto experts, known for their in-depth knowledge of the ecosystem.

A team directly concerned by your success
Our team members are crypto enthusiasts, and for the most part, investors at Summit themselves.

An established and recognized company
Summit Gravity is a company present in France and Ireland. The company is part of the Summit group, which includes Summit Mining.

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