The use of Summit's services is subject to certain regulations.
Thus, to create an account and become a user, you must be a resident and citizen of one of the countries listed below.

List of accepted countries







Czech Republic


























United Kingdom (Excluding Gibraltar)


Level 1

Level 2

Total amount of investments

Up to €10,000

Politically Exposed Person (Regardless of the amount invested)*

Over €10,000

Politically Exposed Person (Regardless of the amount invested)*

Documents to be collected

Proof of identity


Bank statement (RIB)

Crypto wallets

Proof of address

Proof of income**

Proof of assets**

*"Political, judicial or administrative offices":
- Head of state, head of government, member of a national government or of the European Commission,
- Member of a national parliamentary assembly or the European Parliament, member of the governing body of a political party or grouping subject to the provisions of law no. 88-227 of March 11, 1988 or of a foreign political party or grouping,
- Member of a supreme court, a constitutional court or another high court whose decisions are not, except in exceptional circumstances, subject to appeal,
- Member of a court of auditors,
- Officer or member of the governing body of a central bank,
- Ambassador or chargé d'affaires,
- General officer or senior officer in command of an army,
- Member of an administrative, management or supervisory body of a public company,
- Director, deputy director, or member of the board of an international organization established by a treaty, or a person who holds an equivalent position in that organization.

"Direct family members":
- Spouse, common-law partner, partner in a PACS or other partnership contract registered under foreign law,
- Children, as well as their spouse, their partner bound by a civil solidarity pact or by a partnership contract registered under foreign law,
- First-degree relatives in the ascending line."Persons known to be closely associated",
- Natural persons who, together with the PEP, are beneficial owners of a legal person, collective investment, trust or comparable legal arrangement under foreign law.

This includes, for example, the partners of a joint venture:
- Individuals who are the sole beneficial owners of a legal person, collective investment, trust or comparable legal arrangement under foreign law known to have been established for the benefit of the PEP.

This includes "nominees" who appear to be acting or receiving benefits on their own behalf, whereas in practice they are acting on behalf of the PEP:
- Any natural person "known to have close business ties" with the PEP. In other words, the business partners of this person are targeted.

** If necessary, our compliance department may request more information at any time.

Proof of Identity

Valid identity card or passport or according to the modality in force in the country. Driving licenses are not accepted for France.

Proof of address

The proof of address must:
- be dated less than three months, AND
- mention the name of the person opening the account, AND
- mention the place of residence of the person opening the account.

Accepted proof of address are:
- Bank statements,
- Gas, electricity, water, telephone, internet bills, etc.

Contact the Compliance Department if you do not have receipts in your name.

Proof of income

You are an employee or a retiree:
- Last pay slip or pension statement,
- Last tax notice.

You are a freelancer, self-employed or a liberal profession:
- Proof of income for the current and previous fiscal year issued by an accountant or the tax authorities,
- Last tax notice.

You are unemployed:
- Proof of Pôle Emploi benefits or equivalent in the country where you live,
- Last tax notice.

You are a student:
- Last pay slip if you have a student job,
- Last tax notice if you are not attached to your parents' tax household,
- A bank or savings account statement showing your ability to invest.

If your situation is different, please contact the compliance department.

Notes: Attachments are accepted only in PDF, JPEG (or JPG) and PNG formats.
We cannot accept Excel files, screenshots or photos of the document.

Proof of assets

Examples of accepted evidence for fiat funds

Each bank document must show the IBAN, name, date, amount and sender's identity information. Attachments are only accepted in PDF, JPEG and JPG format. (no Excel, screenshots or photos of the document, ...)

- Proof of sale of property (real estate or other): notarised deeds + bank statements (with account balance and payment receipt clearly visible) + transfer receipt on which the IBAN of the sender and recipient, name and date of transfer are shown,
- Proof of income from investments (works of art, collectibles, ...): contracts + payment receipts containing buyer and seller information;
- Loan agreements + bank statements showing the transaction,
- Proof of income from fixed assets or company investments: Bank statements, distribution agreements, dividend resolutions and current account balance,
- Proof of income from the sale of company shares,
- Proof of income from renting and leasing (rental agreement at the time of signing + proof of the last rent payment),
- Notarised deed of gift by a state-approved notary + transfer receipt on which the IBAN of the sender and recipient, name and date of the transfer are shown,
- Accumulated savings.

Examples of accepted evidence for cryptocurrency funds

Provide a detailed description of the origin of all cryptocurrencies in the account and attach one or more of the following documents :

Each document must show the account details with the user's full name or email address, as well as the platform name. Attachments are only accepted in PDF, JPEG (or JPG) and PNG format.

Cryptocurrencies purchased through brokers and exchanges

- Purchase and withdrawal confirmation screenshots displaying your account number and full transaction details,
- Confirmation emails providing proof of purchases or withdrawals,
- Invoices proving the purchase (e.g. OTC).

Profits made on brokers or exchanges

- Trading process screenshots showing profits,
- Transaction history showing payouts,
- Exchange account screenshots showing your account details,
- Exchange name.

Revenues from services (e.g. affiliate revenues or other services)

- Detailed description of the service,
- Invoices for services paid in cryptocurrency,
- Names, addresses, contact details and information of the companies involved as well as their legal form and VAT number,
- Crypto addresses of the sender and receiver,
- Transaction IDs (hash) - Amount sent, expressed in cryptocurrency and fiat,
- Transaction date,
- Bank statements showing both receipts and transactions,
- Screenshot of your account showing that you are an affiliate,
- Screenshots of your wallets showing actual earnings,
- Screenshots of the transaction history of withdrawals,
- Explanation of the origin of the cryptocurrencies used for the payment transaction.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and sale of tokens

- Purchase of cryptocurrencies through a token sale: copy of the contract that confirms the payment made in cryptocurrency + Transaction history that documents purchase and withdrawal of the token (wallet/addresses and transaction IDs),
- ICO: full name of the ICO and the corresponding project website visible. Exact amount invested in the relevant cryptocurrency and corresponding fiat value at the time of investment,
- Bank statement, if the investment is made in fiat,
- Confirmation emails indicating the purchase.


- Invoices for hardware purchases for mining, indicating address of buyer and seller. The hardware must be shipped to the address of your name registered on our site. If your address has changed in the meantime, proof that you were living or working at this address at the time of purchase;
- Photos of the mining hardware and screenshots of the platforms and programs used,
- Statements of operating costs (e.g. electricity bill) also issued to the name you have registered. Screenshots of the transaction history to and from the wallets, showing wallet addresses and transaction IDs (self-made "Excel lists" cannot be accepted),
- If crypto-currencies from mining were also traded: screenshots of the transaction history clearly showing the receipt on the relevant exchange and the name of the account holder. All trades must be clearly identifiable and cannot be confused with trades of other cryptocurrencies.

Staking / Masternodes

- Screenshots of transaction history, showing deposits, withdrawals and profits,
- Screenshots of transaction history showing withdrawals to our site,
- Wallet/addresses and transaction IDs.


- Transaction history screenshots showing deposits and withdrawals to our site,
- Wallet/addresses and transaction IDs.

Swap of cryptocurrencies or tokens

- If the token name or number of tokens has changed due to cryptocurrency or token swaps or other technical changes (e.g., redenominations) of the blockchain or platform used: proof by means of screenshots of the transaction history (wallet/addresses and transaction ID).

Loans and cash pools

- If it is a loan income issue: screenshots of transaction history (wallet/addresses and transaction IDs). You must clearly indicate where you deposited the collateral, in what amount, and where the collateral used came from.  

For Professional: List of all documents to be provided

KBIS or equivalent, less than 3 months old

Updated, dated and signed bylaws

Document of distribution of the company's shares: CERFA n°2035-F document, tax return, or document signed by the legal representative of your company

if not indicated in the statutes

Organization chart of the company: parent company, subsidiaries, direct and indirect shareholders

Declaration of beneficial owners of the company filed with the clerk's office (or equivalent) 

Personal tax notice of each UBO (Ultimate Beneficial Owner)

Valid identification (identity card or passport) of all beneficial owners of 25% or more of the company

List of persons authorized to give instructions, to commit the company and associated powers of attorney (or authorizations) on company letterhead and company stamp

Bank details (RIB) of the company opening the account

3 last financial statements: tax return, balance sheet, income statement

Proof of origin of crypto funds

If investments in crypto

Selfie of the legal representative

Valid ID (ID card or passport) of the legal representative

Please note that if necessary, our compliance department may request more information at any time.

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